Whats the problem with prayer? Why don’t Christians pray?

Or least sometimes that’s how I feel people think about prayer. I know in my life I have had seasons when I have rushed at prayer, when my prayer life has been disjointed. Even then I hate offering up excuses and reasons as to why that is, it’s too easy to trot out any excuse “Too busy” “too tired” etc I get frustrated when I don’t pray as I should.

As a Christian and follower of Jesus there should be the desire to pray. Prayer is a conversation, it is worship with the almighty.
Jesus disciples watched, observed and even got to listen in to the Lord’s prayer life. They heard him talk to his father and at one point they said “Lord teach us to pray!” We want to pray to like you, we want what you have, teach us. They didn’t isn’t ask, we want to do those miracles you do, we want to impress people, no. We want to pray like you.

What concerns me today, is not necessarily a lack of teaching on prayer. We have ample opportunity if we wanted to learn about it, we could read about it, we could listen about it we could even go to the prayer meeting and hear others and observe the way they talk to God and then apply it. No it’s not that that concerns me. What concerns me is that there is so little place given to prayer in the life of a Christian today, that the desire to pray is no longer there or was never there. That the desire to even learn to pray is not there.
The place of prayer is a place where we listen for the voice of God. The secret place, the place away from the hustle and bustle. The place of prayer is where we learn the voice of God. Where he reveals himself to us, where he deepens our love for him, where he chisels away and changes us. If we don’t take time to learn his voice in that place, how will we know it when the storms of life come.

I feel the Lord touches upon a significant thing in Jeremiah 2 he says

And you, O generation, behold the word of the Lord.
Have I been a wilderness to Israel,
or a land of thick darkness?
Why then do my people say, ‘We are free,
we will come no more to you’?

They no longer felt their need of him. They had grown independant, they had everything they needed now. We don’t need you anymore. And christians today we do the same thing. We have lost the touch of the Lord in our lives, we have a lost a sense of needing him, of depending upon him. I believe this grieves him.

Listen the hymn writer got the place of prayer right when they said,
I need thee every hour,
most gracious Lord;
no tender voice like thine
can peace afford.

Nothing else can the peace his voice brings. When you are in the pits, when you are under the mountain, when everything is against you, THE THE THE thing you need is to hear his voice. But you need to listen for that still small voice.

So last night we as a church gathered for PRAYER. I must admit I loved it. No gimmicks, nothing fancy, just worship, prayer and Gods presence. I know people were touched, there is nothing like prayer to bring a sense of unity, a sense of perspective and to know that God is on the move. It was just good to see people praying for each other, laying hands on each other, and just letting themselves go in his presence. Two hours flew by……..when is the next one?



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