“As you come to him, a living stone rejected by men but in the sight of God chosen and precious,”

1 Peter 2:4 ESV

The other day I was sitting praying and I had this impression that someone was struggling with rejection. You need to be reminded today that you are chosen and precious in the sight of God.
I have yet to meet anyone who loves feeling rejected. Rejection can be hard to deal with and sometimes getting over it can be hard to move on from. Maybe you put yourself out there to love someone or give them a second chance only to have it thrown back in your face. Rejected. Maybe it was in work, family or church.
Rejection is such a negative feeling it can make us fearful, it can make you feel like you are living in a prison, constantly worried, thinking “what will they think? “The bible says “fear of man brings a snare.” (Proverbs 29:25)
This what you need to hear, Peter says “as you come to Him…” You can be confident as you draw near to Him, he is drawing near to you. You are accepted in Christ, he is not going to reject you, push you to the side, you are not last pick on his team.
You come to him and he sees you as chosen and precious in his sight. Now that’s so much better!

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