Jesus life-giving presence is not just for you, before you, around you – it is in you.

One of the first lessons you learn in life is at nursery school is that square pegs don’t go in round holes. You can try, but no matter how many times you beat it or force it, it just won’t go. It is beyond the realms of all possibility because it wasn’t designed to go there.

Sometimes life can be like this. Trying to force something that won’t go, or you can feel like you are zagging when you should zigging, and no matter how many times you try – nothing fits. Square peg, round hole. Again and again.

If that’s you, let me take the pressure off you.

Jesus knew this.

That’s why He has given you Himself because you do not have what it takes to live the Christian life. And because Jesus knew this, He gives us himself. This gives us hope so that when we are weak, we can know his strength; in the storm, we can have His peace, and we can say, “It is well with my soul”.

That’s why I love this verse. It’s a reminder that today I don’t just fit Jesus in here or there. It’s a reminder to me every day as I leak with so many holes that He fills me afresh with His presence over and over, and that gives me strength and hope.

“Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

Colossians 1:27

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