We all want to be accepted. Growing up, we all want to fit in. The feeling of wanting to belong starts in us from a young age. Whether we wish to fit in with a group in school, maybe our co-workers, a football team or church.

This feeling we get when we belong goes further than just knowing some people are around us. It means there is a deeper bond. We are with people who get us, and we get them. They accept us. This happens when we focus not on what is different about them or us but what we share in common, in our interests, hobbies or a cause.

Many people spend their entire lives trying to earn peoples acceptance. Craving for approval from our friends, family, work colleagues can drive us to do some things we never intended. For instance, we may not speak our mind on an issue because we know the other person won’t like what we have to say, so we pull our punches. Maybe we say yes to something instead of no through fear of not being accepted and a desire to please. Perhaps you are trying to make ourselves acceptable. Or maybe you are struggling to just about accept yourself, never mind others. You realise it is never-ending as you try to measure up to others.

Growing up, I loved to play football. However, one thing I hated was when the teams were being picked. I hated to be picked last; it was almost like being selected by default; they had no other option but to choose me.  

We love to feel like we are accepted, that we belong.

I believe the enemy uses this need to feel accepted as a tool in his armoury to get at us. Of course, this is all lies; he is the father of lies. So, he will come and whisper, you don’t belong here; nobody loves you here; in fact, they don’t even like you. Nonetheless, they are potent lies, strategically timed and aimed all with the purpose to “kill, steal and destroy”. 

That’s why we must replace those lies with truth. The truth of the matter is you are accepted. As a child of God, God accepts you not based on what you have done or not done. Not because you tried hard or because you deserve it. No, you are accepted because of grace. God’s grace.

Read Ephesians 1:6 

to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved.

I love that. 

There we sometimes think we have to accept Jesus into our lives, and He is the one doing all the accepting. Not in some passive way where He resigns Himself to some pre-determined outcome. We are not accepted because He had no other option and had to pick us to be on the team. We don’t have to feel the need to prove ourselves to him. No God accepts us in the beloved because of His glorious grace. His grace and his acceptance will never change.

God doesn’t make any mistakes, and he didn’t make one when he made you. He has gifted you with talents, abilities and qualities that make you, you. Live out that acceptance of God, live out that fulfilment of His plans and purpose for you today.  

Accept His acceptance. Welcome it to your life.

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